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2018 하계 세미나 일정


ISR/ISP LAB.에서는 워크숍 및 세미나를 통해서 개개인의 연구 역량을 증진하고 있습니다.


세미나를 매 주 1회 진행하고 있으며, 정보시스템(Information Systems) 분야 TOP 저널 논문(MISQ, ISR 등)을 주로 다루고 있습니다. 담당 발제로 진행하고 참여 인원 모두의 심도 깊은 토의를 통해 논문에 대한 전반적 이해를 높이며, 논리적/비판적 사고력을 배양하고 있습니다.


하계 및 동계 시즌에는 다양한 학문적 배경을 지니고 있는 바른ICT연구소 박사 연구원들과 함께 워크숍을 진행하고 있습니다. 이러한 교류를 통해 신선한 연구 아이디어는 물론 새롭고 깊은 통찰력을 얻습니다.

· LAB Seminar

o 일자: 2018. 6. 27(수) ~ 8. 29(수), 총 9회 / 매주 수요일 10:00 ~ 12:00

o 장소: 새천년관 209호 (상황에 따라 변경 될 수 있음)

o 참석 대상(11명)

- 박사 과정(4명): 장재영, 이중엽, 박재영, 김창기

- 석사 과정(7명): 최명화, 홍태오, 성기수, 김기윤, 김전도, 박성환, 이지형

*8차, 9차 세미나, 연구방법론 특강 예정 (강사: 바른ICT연구소 박사)

1차, 6월27일

- 개인 논문 발표 (전체)

- Lowry, P. B., Dinev, T., & Willison, R. (2017). Why security and privacy research lies at the centre of the information systems (IS) artefact: proposing a bold research agenda. European Journal of Information Systems, 26(6), 546-563. (박재영)

2차, 7월 4일 (Privacy Paradox)

- Adjerid, I., Peer, E., & Acquisti, A. Beyond the Privacy Paradox: Objective versus Relative Risk in Privacy Decision Making. MIS Quarterly, 42(2) (홍태오)

- Li, H., Luo, X. R., Zhang, J., & Xu, H. (2017). Resolving the privacy paradox: Toward a cognitive appraisal and emotion approach to online privacy behaviors. Information & Management, 54(8), 1012-1022. (박재영)

- Mosteller, J., & Poddar, A. (2017). To Share and Protect: Using Regulatory Focus Theory to Examine the Privacy Paradox of Consumers' Social Media Engagement and Online Privacy Protection Behaviors. Journal of Interactive Marketing, 39, 27-38. (박재영)

3차, 7월 11일 (Privacy in Social Media)

- Choi, B. C., Jiang, Z., Xiao, B., & Kim, S. S. (2015). Embarrassing exposures in online social networks: An integrated perspective of privacy invasion and relationship bonding. Information Systems Research, 26(4), 675-694. (박성환)

- Kim, H. W., Kankanhalli, A., & Lee, S. H. (2018). Examining Gifting Through Social Network Services: A Social Exchange Theory Perspective. Information Systems Research. (김전도)

4차, 7월 19

- Kashmiri, S., Nicol, C. D., & Hsu, L. (2017). Birds of a feather: intra-industry spillover of the Target customer data breach and the shielding role of IT, marketing, and CSR. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 45(2), 208-228. (김기윤)

- Jack Shih-Chieh Hsu, Sheng-Pao Shih, Yu Wen Hung, Paul Benjamin Lowry (2015) The Role of Extra-Role Behaviors and Social Controls in Information Security Policy Effectiveness. Information Systems Research 26(2):282-300. (성기수)

- Venkatesh, V., & Sykes, T. A. (2013). Digital divide initiative success in developing countries: A longitudinal field study in a village in India. Information Systems Research, 24(2), 239-260. (박재영)

5차, 7월 25일

- Kwon, H. E., So, H., Han, S. P., & Oh, W. (2016). Excessive dependence on mobile social apps: A rational addiction perspective. Information Systems Research, 27(4), 919-939. (최명화)

- Jiang, Z., Heng, C. S., & Choi, B. C. (2013). Research note—privacy concerns and privacy-protective behavior in synchronous online social interactions. Information Systems Research, 24(3), 579-595. (이지형)

6차, 8월 1일 (Privacy Calculus)

- Demmers, J., Van Dolen, W. M., & Weltevreden, J. W. (2018). Handling Consumer Messages on Social Networking Sites: Customer Service or Privacy Infringement?. International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 22(1), 8-35. (박성환)

- Breward, M., Hassanein, K., & Head, M. (2017). Understanding consumers’ attitudes toward controversial information technologies: A contextualization approach. Information Systems Research, 28(4), 760-774. (김전도)

7차, 8월 8일 (ISP Compliance)

- Gwebu, K. L., Wang, J., & Wang, L. (2018). The Role of Corporate Reputation and Crisis Response Strategies in Data Breach Management. Journal of Management Information Systems, 35(2), 683-714. (김기윤)

- Moody, G. D., Siponen, M., & Pahnila, S. (2018). TOWARD A UNIFIED MODEL OF INFORMATION SECURITY POLICY COMPLIANCE. MIS Quarterly, 42(1). (성기수)

- Anderson, C. L., & Agarwal, R. (2011). The digitization of healthcare: boundary risks, emotion, and consumer willingness to disclose personal health information. Information Systems Research, 22(3), 469-490. (이지형)

8월 15일 광복절 휴가

8차, 8월 22일

- 연구방법론 특강(바른ICT연구소 오주현 박사)

- Guo, K. H., Yuan, Y., Archer, N. P., &Connelly, C. E. (2011). Understanding nonmalicious security violations in the workplace: A composite behavior model. Journal of Management Information Systems, 28(2), 203-236. (성기수)

- Sen, R., & Borle, S. (2015). Estimating the contextual risk of data breach: An empirical approach. Journal of Management Information Systems, 32(2), 314-341. (김기윤)

- Wang, T., Kannan, K. N., & Ulmer, J. R. (2013). The association between the disclosure and the realization of information security risk factors. Information Systems Research, 24(2), 201-218. (이지형)

9차, 8월 29일

- 연구방법론 특강(바른ICT연구소 오주현 박사)

- Spottswood, E. L., & Hancock, J. T. (2017). Should I share that? Prompting social norms that influence privacy behaviors on a social networking site. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 22(2), 55-70. (박성환)

- Chong (Alex) Wang, Xiaoquan (Michael) Zhang, Il-Horn Hann, Socially Nudged: A Quasi-Experimental Study of Friends’ Social Influence in Online Product Ratings, 2018, Information Systems Research (김전도)

- Adomavicius, G., Bockstedt, J. C., Curley, S. P., & Zhang, J. (2017). Effects of online recommendations on consumers’ willingness to pay. Information Systems Research. (최명화)

※ 발표 일정은 사정에 따라 변경 될 수 있음